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Sparkle Window Cleaning Services (Aberdeen)
   Sparkle Window Cleaning Services    (Aberdeen)                                           

Window Cleaning


Sparkle Window Cleaning Services have the advantage of cleaning by the means of a Reach and Wash System.  This system is van mounted and uses purified water which is environmentally friendy and soft bristle brushes to clean the surface minimising the damage to buildings.  Once dried this leaves the area streak free.  The system allows us to clean up to 70 feet in height while standing on the ground, therefore this is the preferred method while working to the current Health and Safety Regulations.  


In some circumstances the conventional ladder and mop technique is still used. This allows internal glass to be cleaned providing a complete service to the customers.  Our operatives are fully trained to current Ladder Access Regulations.


At Sparkle Window Cleaning we have experienced and trained employees who provide a quality service whether you are a small business or a large multi site company.   


Cladding Cleaning

Sparkle Window Cleaning Services also provides Commercial Cladding and Signage Cleaning.  This service can reduce maintenance costs by slowing down the deterioration of the building and improves the appearance.

Gutter Cleaning

Sparkle Window Cleaning Services (Aberdeen) uses the very last gutter cleaning technology. Using vacuum equipment and portable video cameras to allow the survey and cleaning of gutters to be performed from ground level.


Our FREE survey on the property by the use of a camera allows us to view the gutters and down pipes condition.


No need for expensive scaffolding or ladders to carry out the survey or the cleaning itself which allows an extremely cost effective way of keeping gutters clean.

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